Registration and Check-in Using Event Management Apps for iPad

Registration and check-in are two event planning processes that you can do with event management apps for iPad. These processes can be considered cumbersome if you are still using paper-based documentation since they pertain to your guest list. If you are organising an event with hundreds to thousands of attendees, you may suffer from messy guest lists replete with errors as your staff members scramble to keep everything organised on the day of your event. Explore here attendee management software to improve your attendee engagement.

The solution to this problem are event app if you’re looking to automate registration and check-in. Here are four features of a mobile registration and check-in software app that you would want to employ:

  1. Manage your guest list

With an onsite check-in app, you can practically manage the guest list in any way you wish. You may confirm or cancel a registered user’s attendance, or you may tag it as pending if you’re not yet sure if he or she is coming. You may also search for attendees by name through a dedicated search button and manage them individually if you need to change some user details.

  1. Read QR codes

Event management apps for iPad may also allow you to utilise the mobile camera of your iPad to read QR codes found on your attendees’ tickets. There’s practically no more need for you to purchase sophisticated hardware to read bar codes. With a simple press of a button, you can activate the camera and follow on-screen guidelines to read QR codes. This way, you are able to confirm a guest’s attendance in as fast as two seconds.

  1. Register new attendees on site

In any event, you may have to accommodate guests who have decided at the last minute to join your event. Given that there are still free seats available, you can register them using event management apps for iPads. An onsite check-in and registration app should have a straightforward functionality for you to add new attendees on the fly. Know more about on site registration. You just have to collect their personal details or – if your iPad is secured to a lock – you may simply let any registrant fill out details himself through the app. Payments can then be processed on the spot if you are accepting cash or credit card payments. See here how an event website design can help your atendees.

  1. Share synced data

Lastly, working through event management apps for iPad means that you can share the database to all your staff members who have installed the solution to their mobile devices. If your company heavily invests in iPads, you can designate one iPad for each check-in staff for them to enjoy continuous access to an updated guest list and use app functions themselves.