How to Look for a Mobile Conference App

Many professional conference organisers are already employing a mobile conference app for their attendees. With the number of advantages that this type of technology brings, it becomes a matter of looking for the best one and avoiding run-of-the-mill choices. Here are three tips that event organisers like you can use when looking for an event app or event check-in app:

1.) Ask your current event management software provider

A mobile conference app usually comes under an umbrella of many other software products that is essentially based on an complete event planning. If you are already using this type of software, ask your provider if they are also offering mobile apps for events. There’s a good chance that they are since mobile apps may share the same database as the software. If the app has in-app messaging features, for example, it will integrate with the registration database found in the software.

2.) Consult mobile application review websites

You may also consult mobile application review websites when looking for a mobile conference app. See more information about event management software reviews here. Try to look for websites where you can see reviews left by actual users. This will allow you to gauge whether an app is generally enjoyed by its user base. Steer clear from choices with more than 40% of bad reviews. Try to check the veracity of the reviews as well and see if they were made by real users. Reliable review websites will put a name, company name, and city for each reviewer.

3.) Ask from your peers

Try to ask your own network and see if some of your peers within the event organisation industry have already used a mobile conference app. Also you can ask to event agencies in your area of influence. Hearing feedback from someone you actually know may leave a better impression compared to reviews you can find on the internet. Furthermore, a friend may also direct you to an app provider and even recommend you for a price discount if they know someone who makes this type of mobile application. Even you can look for a several event management website templatesto integrate an app within your website.

4.) Check out your competitor’s choice

Last but not the least, try to see if your competitors are already using a mobile conference app. There’s practically no legal clause that prohibits you from using the same app provider as your competitors — especially if the app is really proven to work. Chances are the mobile application has a very wide user base that it does not matter if you’re sharing it with other companies. Moreover, some mobile applications are white label solutions; you can brand the application according to your own name. This way, you’ll impress your attendees even more since they can see how technologically inclined your company is in terms of organising conferences.