Features to Look for in an Event Management App


An event planner software may have its data directly integrated with an event management app. This is the way most software providers program their solution so that it is accessible in both mobile and desktop form. After all, there’s nothing more convenient than having event management solutions at the palm of your hands – such as a phone or iPad.

If you have been looking into providing an event app for your attendees, here are four features that you may be interested in:

  1. Networking and messaging

An event app should have networking and messaging features. If your goal is to increase attendee engagement during your events, it is paramount that you give your attendees the opportunity to tap other attendees. Some networking platforms that can be enjoyed in an app are the 1-2-1 meeting scheduler and direct messaging feature. As long as your attendees have the app downloaded on their phone or iPad, they can schedule meetings and even send messages to one another. You won’t have to worry about uploading an attendee list for the app as well – as long as its data is integrated with the event scheduling software.

  1. Agenda management

Agenda management is one of the most helpful features of an event app. For conferences or other events where attendees may personalize their agendas, it is important to provide them a tool that will help them choose the sessions that they want to attend. This can be easily done with a mobile app. By favouriting sessions and adding them to their own agenda, there’s no need for attendees to be continually looking at cumbersome event programs. Push notifications will also remind these attendees that they should be in a particular session.

  1. Social media integration

Another advantage of the event app for mobile phones and iPad is that it can have some sort of social media integration. As long as you have specified this request to your app provider, your attendees may integrate their accounts with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Once they post any feed, such as status updates or pictures, they can publish it to their social media accounts as well.

  1. Lead capture

For special events where attendees are supposed to partake in scheduled meetings, such as in a hosted buyer trade exhibition, the ability to capture leads is essential. Using the event app, your attendees can simply scan the QR code found on another participant’s badge, and he or she will be able to store contact details right away. This is an easy system to make as long data is integrated with the platform for online event registration.

If you would like to delve into the software that runs the event app, read more about the event planning software.